Welcome to Skulltec… we are an award winning specialist in Scalp Micro Pigmentation.

Here at Skulltec, we specialise in Scalp Micropigmentation in a clinic in Paisley. These are non-surgical treatments which use the latest technology to create the effect of a full head of hair.


Scalp Micropigmentation in Glasgow Scotland:

If you are after that shaven look with a fresh hairline that will last, perhaps you are too young for a transplant? don’t want surgery? or have had surgery and want the scars covered? There are many other reasons for selecting a hairline tattoo and scalp micropigmentation, The natural look we can guarantee that’s made to last long term with little maintenance all of which we can supply for a lower cost to our existing customers. We can offer full hair restoration too for thinning hair, in some cases even alopecia and other medical hair loss conditions.

Looking for quick hair loss treatment that is made to last avoid surgery and wearing hair pieces and go for a natural hairline tattoo.

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Get That Natural Shaving Look

Scalp Micropigmentation or “Hairline Tattoo’s” are leading the way in the men’s hair loss industry just now. Demand is up and the results speak for themselves, its no longer a botched short-term solution that takes you back to square one. Its the perfect choice for men and women alike with any hair loss patterns occurring.

We already have built up a solid reputation in and around Glasgow we always encourage our customers to leave us feedback here’s some of the kind words a customer left recently on Facebook leaving a 5* review:

“First class treatment from start to finish

I wasn’t sure what I was looking for as I . Until I spoke to Barry and he talked me through the process of the treatment step by step
The results I have had are even better than I’d imagined definitely gave me more confidence in my day to day life.
Would highly recommend Barry as he made sure I was ok with the procedure at all times”
Paul McVeigh, 5* Facebook Review, Glasgow, Scotland
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Men & Female Hair Loss Clinic serving Glasgow & Scotland

We also offer tricopigmentation which provides a solution for thinning hair improving density and the overall look for improved confidence and a better look in a short period of time.

At Skulltec we treat the skin on your scalp and by doing so we remove or decrease the contract in colours between your skin and your scalp and hair. Tricopigmentation offers more density short term without any radical transformation and allows you to feel confident again which is what any hair loss treatment is all about.

Male or female if you are based in the united kingdom or even visiting here pop in for some treatment or call us for a quote, we can arrange an appointment at our Paisley clinic at 53 Old Sneddon Street, PA3 2AN a 20 minutes drive from Glasgow. We are available online 24 hours for booking enquiries please complete our form below or email info@skulltec.co.uk or call the salon on 0141 848 6366 or get Barry on his mobile 07388 017 121 I am always happy to help.

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Scalp micropigmentation Glasgow
Owner Barry Tunstead at the 2018 Look Awards In Glasgow

Award Winning Scalp Micro Pigmentation specialist based in Paisley serving Glasgow & Scotland

Hair loss, especially for males is extremely common and these days so is the treatment for it. The men’s hair loss and micropigmentation industry is constantly growing in the UK and in Glasgow alone, there are a large number of clinics.

Research shows that over 40% of males and females aged from 18 to 50 years old have moderate to extreme hair loss. Unfortunately, As you get older the effects of hair loss increases. Due to this high demand, there are now dozens of methods for treating hair loss. From medications, expensive (and often ineffective) products and hair transplants it can all get a little confusing for someone who is simply looking for a long-term solution to their own hair loss. Scalp micropigmentation is by far the fastest growing and most popular solution and if you look at the results it’s easy to see why. Scalp micropigmentation is also referred to as SMP, MSP and our customers from Glasgow and elsewhere in Scotland often ask for a “Hair Tattoo”.


About us

Our Approach

We aim to soften the stigma of Scalp Micropigmentation, marrying the medical aspect with something more familiar, like tattooing, making men and woman feel more comfortable and receptive to the treatment.

Our Story

After years of endless research and testing different remedies, products and treatments, we’ve finally come across a hair loss solution for both men and woman that actually works. Scalp Micropigmentation is an instant solution with a very low maintenance regime. We’ve found that via this simple and effective procedure, our clients have felt great boosts to their confidence and self-esteem, often commenting how it makes them feel years younger.

Hair loss treatment
Before & After Treatment Results

How much does scalp micropigmetation cost in the Glasgow area?

An initial cost of a hairline tattoo is clearly a factor that people consider before deciding to buy a tattoo for receding hairlines, scar cover-ups, or bald heads. Once Skulltec has carried out a tattoo for your hairline or head you can have a complete hair loss or cover up solution for 5 years before it requires any maintenance. At this point, we can provide aftercare if it’s required. This is a permanent hair loss solution that realistically offers little maintenance as a long-term solution for years to come. If your scalp pigmentation was already provided by Skulltec in our Paisley based salon near Glasgow then we offer this maintenance for only £250. We have 3 prices for new hairline tattoo’s on offer starting with receding hairlines starting from £350, a half scalp treated from £600 and a full scalp treated from £900.

A permanent solution to hair loss.

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