Skulltec have been awarded ‘Best hair loss clinic in Scotland 2019‘ by the Scottish Hair and Beauty awards

scottish hair and beauty awards
hair loss clinic of the year 2019

In 2018n Skulltec were awarded the ‘Innovation and technology’ award at The Look awards hosted by The Herald.

We are a multi-award winning hair loss clinic who specialise in scalp micro pigmentation. With clinics in Paisley, Glasgow, Ayrshire, Doncaster and Exeter, we are Scotlands largest specialist in Scalp Micro pigmentation. The company was founded by Barry Tunstead through his own personal journey with hair loss, having had the treatment himself he is able to understand and sympathise with anyone suffering with hair loss on a personal level whether it be for mental health, well-being, confidence or simply cosmetic.

Barry is fast becoming the most sought after technicians in the UK. In 2018 alone he won the Innovation and Technology award at ”The Herald Look Awards”, he was a finalist in the “One To Watch” category, and a finalist in the ”Scottish Beauty Industry Awards”


Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) is a treatment for hair loss, the procedure replicates hair follicles by applying tiny deposits of pigment on the scalp giving you a shaven look or the look of a fuller head of hair. It’s also commonly known as hair tattoo, medical tattoo and scalp tattoo,  SMP is perfect for baldness, thinning hair, scar camouflage and alopecia. Our pigment is diluted to match any hair colour, skin tone or complexion. Research shows that over 40% of males and females aged from 18 to 50 years old have moderate to extreme hair loss, as you get older the effects of hair loss increases. There are now a few available options and methods for treating hair loss, from medications to hair transplants, hair replacement systems to thickening hair fibres. It can all get a little confusing for someone who is simply looking for a long-term solution to their own hair loss, plus most remedies fail, require maintenance and can become very costly.

So it’s extremely important to to decide what is best for you, afterall your hair is your crown you never take off. Scalp micro pigmentation is the fastest growing hair solution in the UK an US, search results have tripled in the last year compared to 3 years ago. If you look at the results, it’s easy to see why. Results are instant, it’s non-invasive and requires no maintenance. Scalp Micro Pigmentation is also referred to as SMP, MSP, scalp tattoo, hair tatto and medical tattoo. This procedure is perfect for hair loss, receding hair, thinning hair, balding, Alopecia and scars.


Scalp Micro Pigmentation is used to camouflage all types of scars on the scalp left from operations, injuries and hair transplants. The most common scar camouflage is the concealment of hair transplant scars. There are 2 types of hair transplants, FUE (follicular Unit Extraction), and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). These images are an example of a scar left from an FUT hair transplant. It’s 12cm in length, and 2cm wide. SMP has significantly improved the look to conceal the scar, SMP compliments a hair transplant to conceal the scars.


The shaven look is by far the most popular treatment, this procedure gives you a natural look of a full head of hair. If you have receding hair, balding, Alopecia or thinning hair, this is a quick fix solution to give you that shaven look. We work closely with you to achieve your vision and best possible outcome, you can even design your own hairline and restore it to what you had before your hair loss. Results are instant, non-invasive and require no maintenance at all. 


Scalp micro pigmentation can be used to treat thinning hair and small bald patches on the scalp. Density treatment is increasing in popularity, especially with woman. Most hair loss clinics don’t like working with female pattern baldness due to the aggression of hair loss. The images here show you someone suffering with thinning hair throughout her full scalp. Density treatment gives you the look of a fuller thicker head of hair. We use the latest technology to deposit a small amount of pigment within the epidermis (scalp) to create a full head of hair, making your hair look denser. 


  • positive review  life changing experience! cannot believe how confident I am, no longer worrying about how the patches look to others. wearing my mum bun with pride. Barry was brilliant from consultation to Finnish, totally professional. I would highly recommend Skulltec to anyone!

    thumb Jo Livingston

    positive review  would highly recommend anyone who is feeling down or there confidence is low because they 're losing there hair to get in contact with this amazing company!my fiance was losing his hair and thinning quite badly and was really affecting his confidence.he was also very sceptical about the treatment when he heard about it.but after getting in contact with barry and getting told about this procedure his mind was completely put at ease.the customer service was really top notch and barry was always available and on hand to answer any questions he had.after the treatment I couldnt believe the difrence.It looked so good and it was brilliant value for money and instant man has his confidence and a spring in his step now thanks to his new thankyou to skulltec and barry for a job well done!

    thumb Victoria Whitehead

    positive review  I would recommend Skulltec for anyone considering SMP . recently finished getting the procedure done.The end result is far better than my expectations.Barry is professional and true artist with the needle. Thanks again Jon Brown

    thumb Lisa Mullen
  • positive review  Hi I came to Skulltec after doing my homework and quickly realised that this company is the real deal. The service is professional, honest, bespoke and most importantly it delivered real life changing results. I cannot sing the praises of Skulltec enough the treatment/service had been utterly superb. The technical craft that Barry provides is so valuable and he mixes these professional attributes with simply being a real, grounded individual who also has undergone this treatment. I’ve found Barry very easy to be open with and discuss the process without feeling embarrassed. You know when speaking to him how passionate he is about SMP and he wants to work hard to deliver the best results for you. I’m so deeply honoured to have Barry carry out the SMP as he is a safe pair of hands. I now call myself a SKULLTEC MAN or person if we want to be politically correct. I wear my SMP with pride. I’m so proud to point my hair transformation to family and friends. No longer am I quietly paranoid about my high hairline and bald spot that made me feel older, amongst other things. With my hair shaven in to compliment the process I feel I have my identity back. I’m just smiling on the inside. Decades of mild self loathing, etc have been swept away by Barry. I’m so, so grateful as this is life changing treatment. The treatment itself is not even sore! It’s very relaxing. If you are facing balding then hit it right back with SKULLTEC. Go get a consultation now it will be the best decision you will ever make! I’m now going to be a lifetime customer and so glad Barry is there for the journey.👍👍👍

    thumb John Slater

    5 star review  highly recommended very professional I'm so happy to choice skulltec thank you

    thumb Imran Khan

    5 star review  This treatment is a game changer! I would highly recommend this to anyone thinking about having Scalp Micropigmentation. To give some background I have experienced hair thinning and partial loss for the last 5 years or so due to an apparent iron deficiency, I tried lots of various potions and lotions but nothing worked. This resulted in resorting to coloured sprays and dry shampoos to give colour and volume which was completely demoralizing. After a bit of research I came across Skulltec, contacted Barry and arranged a visit. From the first consultation with Barry I knew I was in safe hands, he clearly takes a lot of pride in his work! The procedure for me was relatively painless and Barry will keep you chatting and laughing through the sessions which puts you at ease especially if you are nervous. The results are fantastic and definitely worth it! For me being female it's made me feel like I have my crown and glory back which is so important for a woman, for me it is what it means to be female. If you are considering this treatment.. go for it.. you won't regret it! So last but by no means least.. Thank you Barry!

    thumb Fisa Heron
  • positive review  my man was so insecure about losing his hair pretty badly and the thought of going bald. he found skulltec on instagram/Facebook and the journey for the return of his confidence began! he has had 2 out of 3 sessions so far and it has just made him so happy and myself happy because he is now happy in himself again. so thank you for your great work! (and your funny chat lol) 5 star service ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    thumb Jacqueline Louise Wilson

    5 star review  Just finished my second session and couldn't wait another week to write this review. Absolutely over the moon with the smp. After being really self conscious about my thinning hair and going bald i now dont need to worry about it!, I now have a perfect hairline and am over the moon at the work thats been done. The sessions have been great theres no pain, just good banter and a laugh. from the second I walked in the studio I knew I was in good hands, the professionalism is next level. No one has been able to tell ive had it done even at close range! Massive massive thank you for sorting my head out! Edit: session 3 finished. I have the best hairline I could ever ask for everyone ive told cant believe it even when inspecting up close. I actually couldnt be happier and cannot thank barry enough! Wish I done it years ago!!

    thumb Garry Adam

    5 star review  My son suffers with Alopecia Unaversalis and having been through all the options available for him, I knew this was the one that could possibly change his life. We had researched this treatment for a year, I knew what an excellent finished result looked like and I would have travelled anywhere to get that for him. I contacted Barry having seen his work and I am so glad I did. From the very first point of contact I was fully informed and the support my son recieved was second to none. My son connected with Barry straight away, he wasn't worried and with each session he was amazed but also wishing for the next to see the finished result. The three appoinments were spaced a week apart and we were fully informed of the procedure on that day. The finished result is amazing, more than I could have wished for and this procedure has made such a difference. I know for the next stage in his life he will be strong and confident. The procedure has been completed to such a high standard and you would think his hair had just been shaved, if you are considering having this treatment - you won't get a better finished result. I highly recommend Skulltec! Thank you for doing such an amazing job, and making such a difference to his life! �

    thumb Marie Steel


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